Michael Schmidt-Salomon: Manifesto (E-Book), englisch

Michael Schmidt-Salomon: Manifesto (E-Book), englisch
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Michael Schmidt-Salomon

Manifesto of Evolutionary Humanism
Plea for a mainstream culture appropriate to our times
Englische E-Bookausgabe auf der Basis der zweiten, korrigierten und erweiterten Auflage

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erschienen 2014

Michael Schmidt-Salomon: Manifesto (E-Book), englisch

We are living in a time of asynchrony: While technologically we are firmly in the 21st century, our world views are still characterized by ancient legends which are thousands of years old. This combination of high-level technical ability and highly naïve child-like beliefs could have disastrous consequences in the long run. We are behaving like five-year-olds who have been given responsibility for a jumbo jet.

One of the most depressing problems of our time lies in religious fundamentalists of all stripes casually making use of the fruits of the Enlightenment (freedom of expression, constitutionality, science, technology) in order to prevent its principles being applied to the domain of their own belief. For example, to further their beliefs, the 9/11 terrorists used airplanes constructed on the basis of scientific principles; principles to which their beliefs could never stand up. In return, the "fundamentalist with other means", George W. Bush, led the world into a devastating "crusade" against "terror" and the "axis of evil" making use of a technology which could never have been developed if scientists had contented themselves with the American President’s child-like faith that the Bible’s creation account is true.

In the face of the dangers arising from the renaissance of unenlightened thinking in a technologically highly developed era, it is a matter of intellectual integrity to speak out clearly – especially where religion is concerned. Anyone who is capable of
splitting the atom and communicating via satellites must possess intellectual and emotional maturity. That certain people or groups of persons avoid exposure to criticism by establishing "holy" (i.e. untouchable) rules and uphold their fallacies as mandatory for all time, may and can no longer be accepted practice in a modern society.





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